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Since 2010, we have been making movies in some form. From Seattle to Los Angeles to Atlanta, we have participated in every aspect of the film industry, from acting as talent to working as crew - we have had our hands in this proverbial pot of stew for quite a while.


WHO WE ARE + Our Mission

Anna Giles and Mike Jones are partners in life and partners in filmmaking. Both have their theatre degrees from accredited universities (Georgia Southern University and University of Washington, respectively). Both have worked professionally in the film industry for nearly 10 years. And both have really great taste in TV shows, like Parks and Recreation, and films, like Star Wars.

When it comes right down to it, we want to create good content for good people. We believe that we can care about the bottom line while still retaining our creative spirit. We don’t intend to forget the reason why we got started in the film industry, and we make sure we have people on our team that feel the same way.

“[The video content Anna & Mike produced] is something we can be proud to show our clients.”
— Sander Biehn, North American CEO, Thought Horizon

What We've accomplished

  • Creates viral video content for George Takei’s Oh Myyy! Facebook channel, which generates hundreds of thousands of views.

  • Promotional videos for the local LGBTQIA community in Atlanta.

  • Independent narrative short films for the likes of SCAD Atlanta.

  • Corporate scripts for companies like Delta and IHG.

  • Commercial scripts for CPG/pharmaceutical companies like Leolyte.

  • Directs theatrical, commercial, and film productions on both coasts.

  • Creates social media videos for clients with over 4k followers.

  • Travels locally and nationally to shoot for clients and/or in conjunction with our sister company, Grinning Man Films.